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Relieve accuse or severe pain whether it just occurred or is from an old injury. You do not have to be in pain anymore!

Amnio ~ rich in nutrients, growth factors, and hyaluronic acid …


Neuromuscular therapy

World renowned therapists

Pulse wave therapy

Rehab ~ Light therapy


Rejuvenate your hair and skin! Prevent and minimize scars.

Amnio ~ Vampire facial
PRP ~ Hair rejuvenation:

Vampire facial: Reduce wrinkles | Plump up sagging skin |Get rid of deep creases | Improve one’s complexion  |Diminish acne scars.

Micro-needling + PRP Scalp:

Micro-needling + PRP Face:

Micro-needling + Vitamins:

Radio Frequency + Micro-needling:

Botox/Dysport: facial wrinkles | fine lines | frown lines | smile lines | crow’s feet | forehead lines | under eyes | headaches | severe sweating.

Fillers: Radiesse | Restylane | Juvederm.

Sculptra: Face| Buttocks | Arms | Legs | Stomach | Chest | Knees | Stimulates collagen production | Helps restore bone structure | Facial volume.

Ultrasound imaging technology:  and tightening | neck | chin | brow | wrinkles on the chest

IPL: mild sun damage | brown spots | redness | pigmentation

Laser : Hair removal | Skin tightening | scar prevention | scar reduction | collagen-stimulating | skin rejuvenation | fine line & wrinkles | hyperpigmentation | acne scars | melasma | sun damage

Scar mitigation

Chemical Peels: Acne scarring |Discolored skin | Wrinkles | Photoaging | Sun damage | Melasma | Age spots | Crepey skin | Pigmentation.

PRP ( Platelet – Rich Plasma): Fine lines | Wrinkles | Volume | Under eyes | Forehead | Jawline | Hands | Neck.

Permanent Makeup: Permanent lip liner | Permanent eyeliner | Microblading eyebrows | Permantent eyebrows.

Get an elevated sexual experience. Promote and strengthen, desire, staying, power, sensitivity and overall sexual prowess.


Pulse wave treatment


ED aids ~ Viagra ~ Cialis
Pre mature ejaculation wipes


Comprehensive blood screening

Pellets Man ~ Pellets Woman: Benefits for Men and Woman;

hormone replacement therapy may help relieve the symptoms of a hormone imbalance and may include:

Fatigue,Weight gain, Loss of muscle mass, Brain fog, Decreased sexual performance,Low mood, Anxiousness, And more.

Testosterone Injection

Testosterone spray

Progesterone ~ Estrogen

Vitamin Therapy

Vitamin and mineral infusions.

Functional medicine, Vitamins and Minerals

Ozone treatment : How it works

Medical ozone has been used to disinfect medical supplies and treat different conditions for more than 100 years. It may also help prevent infection in wounds.

According to research from 2018Trusted Source, when ozone comes into contact with body fluids, the resulting reactions form more proteins and red blood cells. This increases oxygen supply in your body.

Ozone therapy : may also disrupt unhealthy processes in your body. Research has shown that ozone therapy can inactivate:

bacteria ~ viruses ~ fungi ~ yeast ~ protozoa.

Autohemotherapy : is a quick procedure where a small amount of blood is taken from the patient’s vein, and injected into the gluteal muscles.

IV Therapy : is a safe and effective method of delivering vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream, bypassing digestive processes and permitting quick absorption and immediate results.

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